Martha Hamilton, Nervous System Retraining Coach

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I’ve been called an uncommon blend of rational and intuitive, strategic and empathic, practical and visionary. Basically, I help people see what is limiting, driving and defining them…opening up a whole new world of possibilities.


Although I didn’t always see it as a “gift,” I’m able to actually feel what other people feel…even when it’s outside of their own awareness. These feelings—body sensations, movements of energy, as well as emotions—are our guidance system, which was designed to help us navigate our life. When we don’t feel them, it can be limiting. When we can’t feel what’s happening with our teams, our organization or ourselves, we’re missing critical information – information that we need.


The content or story in our lives is an indicator of an issue, not the issue itself. It’s our feelings that guide us to the real issue. With my senses tuned to hear those feelings underneath the story, whether it is yours or your team’s, our work begins.

I delight in watching people identify and find freedom from unseen traps of their own making, including me and my own. And it’s a special thrill to uncover maps of these unseen traps within an organization or group of people.


While steeped in more than 25 years experience designing and implementing groundbreaking approaches in public accounting, business strategy, management, and healthcare technology, I came to realize that much of my success stemmed from my awareness of non-cognitive information and the ability to see critical points of leverage that create BIG shifts.

In my coaching/consulting practice, I collaborate with individuals, organizations, and myriad groups to reveal protective layers and patterns that hide needed, relevant capacities. I enjoy the journey with clients as they find their authentic power and resilience, and respond to change in more strategic and effective ways—whether that change is in markets, organizational structures, interpersonal relationships, or other internal/external dynamics.


People often reach out to me when they feel stuck or feel like they are in a repetitive pattern and cannot see clearly what is in their way – or in the way of their team. I use a variety of approaches to help people uncover what is standing between them and where they wish to be. Often, relational issues, whether obvious or not, are at the core of our stuckness.


This is why I’ve pursued many different avenues to learn about self-regulation and relational capacities. I’ve spent many 1,000’s hours studying deep self inquiry, hundreds of hours studying pre and perinatal attachment psychology and I completed the 2 year NARM training with Laurence Heller. I’m currently in the NARM Master Class, an even deeper immersion into the Neuro-Affective Relational Model for healing early developmental trauma in adults.


Our capacity to self-regulate and to have enough space in ourselves to host what is arising both within us and around us is paramount to navigating our adult lives in a relaxed, connected way. Living more often with ease and joy is the result. Have you met someone with that capacity? They are a delight to be around, and often leave us wanting more. I’m here to help get you there.

Recent Trainings and Certificates:

NARM Master Practitioner Class
Deepening mastery of The NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM) , expanding the approach through NARM-based interventions, working with identity from a place deeper than identity, deepening our understanding of the advantages of both bottom up and top down inquiry for working with the most early and profound trauma. One year certificate program. Completed July 2019.

NARM Practitioner: The Neuro-Affective Relational Model for healing early developmental trauma in adults
In recent years the role of self-regulation has become an important part of psychological thinking. The NeuroAffective Relational Model™ (NARM) brings the current understanding of self-regulation into practice. This resource-oriented, non-regressive model emphasizes helping clients establish connection to the parts of self that are organized, coherent and functional.  2 year certificate program.


Pre and Peri Natal Attachment Psychology Intensive Training – 216 hours, Certificate Programs
The adaptive strategies we brilliantly employ to survive early developmental trauma can begin to constrict or hamper us as adults later in life. This course supports deep understanding of how these developmental issues arise, and using a self as instrument approach, support deep learning regarding the healing of these issues, leading to a more full and robust life.


Thomas Hubl, Timeless Wisdom Training, Germany – 670 hour program; Transparent Communication, Collective Field Study
Deepening of theory and practice of evolution of consciousness, meditation, intuition, inspiration, transparent communication, self reflection, shadow work, integration, body awareness and mindfulness. 3 year certificate program.

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