An important step to fixing your fatigue is removing heavy metals and chemicals from your body. This will decrease your total body burden and improve your symptoms. Once you have done this, the next step is to remove the ongoing daily exposures that made you sick in the first place!


I recommend that anyone who wants to reduce their toxic exposure, to stop wearing or using any products with fragrances. These include perfume/cologne, shampoo, skin lotion, scented candles, laundry detergents, etc. These are all usually toxic.


Below are some resources to help you start making the switch to non-toxic personal care and household products.

I highly encourage you to visit the website Skin Deep, which is a resources created by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Skin Deep is a searchable database of most personal care products on the market. Each product on the website is given a rating for toxicity, and even shows the toxicity of each of its ingredients. It’s a really amazing website! You can gather up the cosmetics/personal care products that you use and search for them on Skin Deep to find out if they may be contributing to your fatigue.


Learn more about how to reduce your exposure to heavy metals and chemicals in Chapter 16 of my book (click here to download a PDF of my book for FREE).

Fragrance-free Tips

  • Avoid laundry bead products which are heavily scented.​
  • Avoid the use of all perfume.
  • Avoid home air fresheners.
  • Avoid stores that carry scented products. If you can smell the store before you even enter it is better to avoid and especially before an appointment.
  • Avoid car air fresheners. The scent can stay on your clothing even after you have left your car.
  • After washing hands in a public bathroom dry them thoroughly to reduce the smell of the soap.
  • Use hand sanitizers outside after your appointment is over.
  • Don’t wear essential oils or jewelry that diffuses essential oil. Even natural oils can cause a reaction in some people.
  • Minimize the use of topical medicines before coming to the clinic. If it is needed apply it at home and allow it to dry thoroughly to reduce the smell.
  • Avoid chewing gum while at the office.

Mouth Care

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