Pat's Story

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Pat discusses her experience with Micki (our health coach), the group live Q&As with Dr. Evan and the Fix Your Fatigue program.

Karen's Story

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"I definitely recommend that anyone with fatigue check out the programs Dr. Hirsch has to offer. If you do nothing else at least read his “Fix Your Fatigue” book. Dr. Hirsch presents information in a very rational manner that is easy to comprehend and is more comprehensive than any other programs I have looked at. I am currently in his online program but he also offers one on one programs."




"I was a Bartonella nightmare...I had really poor quality sleep. I had very intense joint achiness everywhere. It was in my neck, my knees, and my lower back. I had a lot of muscle cramps and random wrist pain and other random pains all over the place. I had pretty intense food allergies. Then I also got really tired. I was more tired than I had ever been in my entire life, so I knew something was I have no more palpitations, insomnia, anxiety attacks or muscle cramps...Energy is much better and I sleep like a baby. My neck feels great, my knees feel great.  I was a runner and athlete and the joint pain that came on really, really took a tremendous toll on my athletic abilities. I'm able to hike and run without problems now. I feel like working out again, which makes me happy.""


“When I first joined the program, my sleep was awful and I had chronic fatigue! I was only sleeping a few hours per night. I had fatigue, anxiety and severe hopelessness. I didn’t think I was ever going to get better. I had lots of weird symptoms – chest pain, sweating, stomach issues, tightness in the stomach, no appetite (I had lost 45 lbs), numbness and hot/cold in both feet and hands. The program found the causes! I found that I had several infections (including bartonella and babesia), heavy metals, poor adrenal and sex hormone function. Now, my life is so much better! 180 degree difference. I am sleeping through the night. I have all the energy I want during the day and my appetite is back. I am sooo much better and without drugs! Socially I am also doing much better. When I didn’t feel well, I isolated myself. Now, I’m more involved with my family, I can travel again and my quality of life is much, much better. It’s a blessing to wake up every day and think ‘I feel good!’ instead of feeling hopeless. I would highly encourage everyone with fatigue (and my associated symptoms above) to join one of Dr. Evan's programs. Dr. Evan is getting at the causes instead of putting a band aid on it. He took away the hopelessness and gave me so much gratitude!”




"I had 15-20 years of struggles.... extremely low energy that would take me days to recover from... now energy is much better..... the testing that you recommended provided information that nobody else had given me.. I just returned from my trip to Italy and hiking up some of those hills. I felt like I was in much better shape even than some of my younger colleagues were!"



“When I first started Dr. Evan’s program I had many undiagnosed symptoms that mainstream medicine was calling Rheumatoid Arthritis. My energy was 1/10 (with 10 being ideal energy). I would work all week and sleep all weekend. I couldn’t walk without a walker or a cane, I couldn’t carry my own purse, I was in chronic pain and it took me 40 mins to get out of bed in the morning. Dr. Evan’s program found infections and heavy metals at the root of my problems. Slowly and carefully I removed these causes. I am single and was working a high stress job, so needed to continue working while I was going through treatment. The treatment was supportive and enabled me to work and get better. I now have energy of 7-8/10 everyday and my energy doesn’t crash at 3pm anymore. I have no more pain and I’m actually able to workout! I was even able to take on a new job that is more demanding and more lucrative. My life is night and day compared with how I was before I began Dr. Evan’s program. I really like that it uses natural treatments primarily. Thank you Dr. Evan for giving me my life back!”




"When I first started the Fix Your Fatigue program, my energy level was a 2-3/10. I was depressed and not feeling well at all. It had been going on for 15 years and was worse the last 4 years. I had seen multiple doctors without improvement. My energy is now an 9/10! I'm so impressed that through the program, I was able to understand what was going wrong in my body and able to fix it.  I am so grateful.



“My energy is better than it has been in years as is my capacity for physical exercise. My energy is up to a 7.5-8/10. I have had a tremendous improvement in my memory as well.”


"It was really hard for me to get out of bed. I had to sustain myself with caffeines throughout the day and right when I come from work, it's basically just a crash on the couch. . . I started with probably an energy of 3 or a 4, and now on a daily basis I would say it's a 10. It's just amazing! Now I make it though the day with no caffeine, no crashes, I get off work, I have like the same energy I did at 10 am in the morning, so now coming home is like an enjoyable experience. . "


“If you want a solution to your complicated health problems and are willing to put in the effort you will see results like nowhere else. Take this rare opportunity to get the help you really need. You will not be disappointed.”


"My energy was a 3/10 when I started Dr. Hirsch’s program. Now it is an 8/10. I have doubled the number of clients that I'm able to see. I can manage a complicated office practice. I think the testing for heavy metals and molds (mycotoxins) were really helpful because they were so concrete. But the best thing I would say of working with you was that I knew that you really understood what it was like to have fatigue. I knew I could be completely honest and tell you when I was struggling, if I had a problem finding words, and you were very, very tolerant and it was a normal thing. I was not a strange bird. I was someone who just had an illness. So that was very helpful."


“Dr. Hirsch has helped me achieve much higher levels of energy, weight loss, pain reduction (from food allergies – dairy and gluten). I feel the clock has been reversed, as I now feel 10 years younger than I did since I started seeing Dr. Hirsch 3-4 years ago. I have also had resolution of the depression, the fatigue and the brain fog — I am more focused, organized and alert. Thanks to Dr. Hirsch for your help!”





My energy is now a 9/10. Since the Fix Your Fatigue Program, my energy is much better. I can handle stress at work. I can enjoy the time outside of work with my kids. My energy was a 3/10. I was tired. I would come home from work and lay down, then get up and have dinner, then go back to bed. I was running a business with 30 employees and couldn't handle the stress. I had seen doctors and business coaches, but nothing helped. "I had a lot of fatigue.



“Within a month of focusing attention to my true health issues – I’ve lost belly fat – I sleep much better – my energy level has improved – I’m coping with high stress levels without having to take conventional anti-anxiety medication – life just has a more positive spin – Thank You – for providing an alternative way to health!”




"I felt tired a lot of the time and had a tired achy cloud hanging over me on a daily basis... I was having trouble sleeping. I might get one or two hours of sleep (per night) always waking very tired. Then I started Dr. Hirsch’s program... (now) I awake refreshed in the morning. I'm ready to face my day. I have the energy and a more positive outlook as well. I feel more resilient. I sleep better at night and I'm having regular sleep cycles. I have not had a single allergy event since I started the Fix Your Fatigue Program with Dr. Hirsch."



“After seeing Dr. Hirsch for 4 years I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in a very long time. I do not have anxiety like I did, it is well maintained now. I have more energy, my moods are stable and I feel like doing things and going places. Since I have been under Dr. Hirsch’s care I now have not needed my asthma medicine in over a year and my allergies have gone to almost nothing. I was the type of person who took all kinds of medicine almost every day just to get by. I worry about my throat closing from my allergies and I can honestly say I really don’t even think about that anymore. I have to thank Dr. Hirsch from the bottom of my heart because I actually feel like I have a life again.”




"I was tired a lot...but now I've gone walking up to seven miles in a day. Now I can do more and I have an attitude of wanting to do more.  Since beginning the Fix Your Fatigue Program, I would say my energy is 8 out of 10 (10 is ideal). I'm also sleeping like a baby."

Paula Dicus

“Hang in there! Dr. Hirsch can help. The Fix Your Fatigue book is helping me. I haven’t even added in all of the basic supplements yet and am already feeling better. The treatment schedule to print out from the book is wonderful, it will really help you keep track of your supplements. Plus on the symptom calendar I keep track of when and how much of a new supplement I add and then change the total amount on the treatment schedule. That way I can backtrack if there is a problem. Dr. Hirsch is right though go slow. The first day I added in B12 I felt very strange, the wired but tired feeling he talks about in the book. Now I’m up to 2 mg per day of B12 and ready to add more not to mention the other vitamins. I knew I couldn’t tolerate B12 before his book but I didn’t know why. So I ordered the hydroxo B12 and no additional pain! Yay! There is hope, just hang in there!”


“I felt like I was on death’s door when I went to see Dr. Evan. Finding a doctor who was able to immediately zero in and was right about everything that I had was a miracle in my life. I had chronic, debilitating fatigue and awful migraines. I couldn’t get out of bed. Dr. Evan found bartonella, mold, epstein barr virus and h. pylori and we treated these and my life turned around. I have hope for life, I am no longer bedridden and am on the fast track to full health recovery. Thank you Dr. Evan!”

Yuri S.

“I absolutely LOVE the Hirsch Center!!! They are magical and amazing! I searched for TWENTY years to find out what was wrong with me, and they diagnosed me in a month and a half!! Unbelievable!!! I have lyme disease. I have heard some people speak disparagingly of the Hirsch saying they diagnose people with lyme when they don’t have it. I will tell you this – every time I go on a treatment to kill the lyme I feel terrible (that is what is supposed to happen), and they are things that wouldn’t bother somebody else – like sauna. I ended up deciding to take three months off work so that I could really treat it aggressively. I am doing SO much better than before that, but I still have a ways to go. Lyme is a terrible disease. The Hirsch Center have been amazing support throughout this whole process. The entire team here is so great, so friendly, so accommodating. They really go out of their way to help. My health is SO much better than it was six months ago, and I attribute that entirely to the team at the Hirsch.”

Henrik H.

“Your help and guidance and education have been invaluable and I benefited greatly from your program.”

Renee D.

“I’m very impressed with this practice. I’ve been coming here for several years for complex issues and my health has been greatly improving. I think it’s as good as it gets!”


“After doing what Evan recommended I am a changed man. I feel better than I have felt in 20 years. Feeling better has given me an optimism combined with energy like I haven’t felt since I was in my 30’s. I have been given a life like I never thought I would have again. Overall I feel 20 to 30 years younger (I’m 68). Thank you, Dr Evan. I’ll never be able to repay you for what you have given me.”


“Dr. Hirsch’s program is a life-saver.”


"I'm about 60 days into the program and I am already making surprising, unexpected progress. I went from a 6/10 energy to 8/10!"


"Evan, Never have I ever come across such an unique person and practitioner like you. You’re of course very skilled and knowledgeable in your work. But what amazes me most is your people skills. Being so attentive, caring and inclusive. I can only speak for myself, but after a couple of decades seeing so many different practitioners etc. I’ve never felt so grateful, so amazed, so understood, so respected and seen as person before. I’m so happy and lucky to be a part of this program, and this community. And by being guided and supported by you. You really deserve some credit for doing this job and taking care of us all so well. Giving the little extra as you do, makes a huge difference for me! I guess I'm not alone feeling this way. Thank you with all of my heart!" 


"Did I improve? Yes, I was thrilled to have you as my doctor. I got names for what I had. You were the first to try anything useful to increase my energy."

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